Natural Charm National Park Tanjung Puting

Tanjung Puting National Park Is a Protected forest Travel Located In Central Kalimantan indonesia. Tourism Protected Forest It has a very large area of land and Awake Kelestarianya. In The Forest Preserve headland national park there are Habitat Orangutan Putting that in case its survival. Over 40,000 Species Orangutan Live In and Around the headland Puting national park and make As World’s Largest Orangutan habitat.

To get to the national park cape Putting we can use Klotok Tour Tanjung Puting which is the traditional transportation Kalimantan which has been designed as comfortable Maybe for our trip. Best Services And friendly in Feature For Travelers to be more Mingle With the culture There once Shows Wealth Indonesia from the other side of the island of Borneo Kalimantan Being in this. Journey Exciting Towards object Scenic headland Putting At the start of the Pier at 08.00 am Up the Ship klotok Down the river Kalimantan pristine with very clear water, Shelah some time we entered the area Sungan Sekonyer that where we Berda among Rainforests Yang in Fill Landscape Beautiful nature with many monkeys dangling from a tree All other trees, proboscis monkey and various kinds of birds are foraging.

Tanjung Puting is a very beautiful nature and is very suitable for the visit and was helped by participating kelestarianya know orangutans and protect it from poaching. For those of you who want Travelled Orangutan tour can use the services of DOLPHIN BOAT SERVICE Ready to be a Tour Guide your travel With Affordable costs and satisfactory service. For more Info Contact Us immediately.


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