Bali Wedding Photographer Berkualitas

Bali Wedding Photographer berkualitas dari whitespace Bali. Whitespace Bali is Wedding Photographer based in Bali, Indonesia. The couples would describe his pictures as romantic, candid and real.

We love effortless elegance. We love beautiful weddings that are high on details, from the simplest intricacies of the bridal gown, the intriguingly unusual flowers, to the splendid minute details of a reception party. But most of all, details that show the bride and the groom’s personalities. The couple is just themselves, enjoying their big day. Fun family and friends with no inhibitions and ready to party with the couple, and give them the best time of their lives, ready to do whatever it takes for them to have the best memories on their wedding day.

Bali Wedding Photographer BY WHITESPACE BALI. We love couples with great stories to tell, and we love telling their stories through our lenses.
We are spectators of the big day unfolding, not just before the eyes of the bride and the groom and their guests, but also those that they usually miss.

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